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Instant Meeting Attendance Verification


Easy. Fast. Stress-free.

No Guesswork. No Stress.

No Missed Deadlines.

For Meeting Participants

Instant Verification

Receive your proof of attendance instantly, at any hour of the day or night.

Easy to Share

Send official copies to requesting agencies, family, and sponsors.

Trusted Everywhere

Requesting agencies around the world accept Pathcheck verifications.

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Free and Easy

For Meeting Hosts

It's free to offer Pathcheck at your online meeting, so you can spend less time on post-meeting emails and paperwork.

How to Get a Verification

Find a Meeting

Pathcheck is available at hundreds of online SMART Recovery meetings, with more added every day. Pathcheck is coming soon to meetings in other programs, too.

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Look for meetings with the Pathcheck logo.


Over 1,600 meetings across the US and Canada.


Over 200 meetings across Australia and New Zealand.


Over 400 meetings throughout the UK.

Find A Meeting
Coming Soon

Instant Verification for All

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